McDonald's in Latin America
Here's a McDonald's commercial from Latin America. It's interesting that the commercial looks so similar to the ones that we have in the U.S. and all that's different is the language of the music and people talking/singing. Unlike Europe, which is completely different from American McDonald's, the McDonald's of Latin America seem very similar to the U.S.

McDonald's in EUROPE
McDonald's in Europe had the top revenue worldwide with 8.9 billion compared to the U.S. at 7.9 billion in 2008. It suggests that the reason for this is because McDonald's in the U.S. is more of a "grab-n-go" type of experience whereas in Europe, it is all about the destination. McDonald's in Europe are more modern in their interior. They've eliminated the bold yellow and red and created interiors with "dark olive and yellow" as the main colors with wood, leather, and stainless steal. Also, the kid areas are now called "Ronald Gym Clubs" and are in a building adjacent to the restaurant with climbing walls and stationary bikes inside. Also, in Paris McDonald's sells wine to customers. Europe is bring McDonalds to a whole new level!!! (Bibliography 11)

Business Week posted this picture along with their article about McDonald's that was similar to that of msnbc's article. This looks nothing like McDonald's in the U.S., I did a double take!! They've competely made over the space of McDonald's into somewhere that people WANT to go to spend time and enjoy the atmosphere. These spaces are in American now too, but not at every location.

These are some pictures of the first "Ronald Gym Clubs" in Europe

McDonald's In Asia

CNBC did a documentary on McDonald's and it had a portion on McDonald's in China and the impact that it's having and will have in the future. China's population is about 1.3 billion people, compared to the U.S. at just over 300 million, so the potiential growth for the corporation in China is huge. Chinese people like the idea of having something so western in their country, which makes profits even higher for China.

McDonald's in the east can offend certain cultures and upset countries because they are unified through McDonald's. The east is very religious and beliefs like in Hinduism can be extremely violated through producing hamburgers in the way that McDonalds does and just the fact that they serve a sacred animal. It also says that a McDonald's opens somewhere in the world every 3 HOURS! (Bibliography 12)

This is the picture that we saw in class that was compared to Starbucks, but without the other half. It's interesting that there are so many Mcdonald's in East Asia. Also, that the U.S. is becoming more and more disgusted with Mcdonald's everyday whereas other countries are fasinated with it the same way Americans were in the beginning of the company.

Discuss McDonalds attempts to modify image/restaurant architecture/menu items in its international franchises. Do you think that McDonald's should modify their image according to culture or remain the same no matter which country they are in?